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Your big life decisions shouldn’t be left to just anyone. Let’s connect and discuss in depth about your financial goals and needs. I embrace the Dave Ramsey debt-free philosophy when it comes to your finances and wealth-building needs.


To be successful with money on the long-term, you will need assistance with a tailored strategy for your taxes and investments. This is why I am here to help! My name is Theo Desmulier and I am a Financial Planner located in Orlando, Florida.

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October 14, 2021

What you need to know about the FIRE method

What if I told you that you could potentially retire in your 40s and enjoy many years of total freedom with your loved ones? If you’re a high-income earner —…
Asset ProtectionEstateHigh Income EarnersInvestmentRetirementSavingsTax
September 13, 2021

A Path to Financial Freedom, for Doctors

Earning a high income, unfortunately, does not automatically translate into wealth. While you, as a doctor, have worked incredibly hard to achieve this career and the higher income that comes…
EstateHigh IncomeInvestmentRetirementTax
January 29, 2021

What you need to know about Real Estate Investing

As a reminder, I embrace the fiduciary responsibility at all time with clients and new individuals I come in contact with. As an investor, when you face an agent or…

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